ComMutual | Connie encourages others to take up the I.T. challenge

Connie encourages others to take up the I.T. challenge


We met Connie during her I.T. session taking place at the digital hub at FireFit Hib. Sitting amongst others using the computer to carry out job searches, Connie was focused on learning her way round the computer with the help of a quiz set by tutor Kev.

Connie explains, “I was terrified of modern technology when I first came. I plucked up the courage and I’ve actually just sent me very first email!”

Kev’s quiz tasks learners like Connie to use the Internet to research the answers and along the way they become more familiar with the equipment gaining confidence in each session.

People living in an LMH home access the classes for free and come along for a range of needs. Some customers are preparing for their Universal Credit claim by setting up a simple email address, others are updating their C.V. and with many services we use now needing to be accessed online, people often come for help filling in online forms. There’s also a wide age range of people attending the weekly classes.

“I’m 81 so don’t let age stop you.” adds Connie. “I feel it’s important for people my age and younger to be prepared, investigate and get out to try new things. I was nervous about coming as I have a hand tremor, but Kev was patient and over time he’s helped build my confidence. It’s like I’ve opened Aladdin’s cave with lots more to learn, it’s exciting.

“I’d like to encourage others to take up the challenge.”

Find out where your nearest free digital hub is located. If you would rather speak to a member of the team before coming along then don’t hesitate to get in touch or call 0300 123 5809.

Come along to your nearest digital hub where the team can help you

  • Prepare for Universal Credit
  • Save money online
  • Learn towards computer qualifications
  • Update your CV and help with job searches
  • Keep in touch with family and friends through social media
  • Carry out Property Pool searches

…and much more!

Posted in News on Jan 17, 2019

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