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Yummy Chefs fun with food


As part of ComMutual’s Health and Wellbeing impact area, Health and Wellbeing Officer Tracey, has been working with schools on a new programme called Yummy Chefs.

The initiative helps to introduce a variety of healthy foods to young children. As part of the session, Tracey talks about the benefits of the food, where they came from and touches on the vitamins these foods provide.

During Yummy Chefs, not only are the children learning about the food they might not eat regularly or might have never tried before, they’re also using their motor skills when they are using their hands to squeeze, chop and cut.

Tracey said: “Yummy Chefs allow children to have ownership of their food and it’s great to see how they are enjoying themselves while learning.”

If your school is interested in this programme contact us.

Posted in Health & Wellbeing, News on Jul 21, 2017

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